A Night of Social Justice Discourse at the Columbia University School of Social Work

We had the privilege of sharing a memorable evening with an awesome group of social workers at the Columbia University School of Social Work. The event, titled, "Immigration: The Myth, The Truth, and The Actions," featured a panel of three speakers and live painting by Fausto Manuel Ramos of Lost Breed Culture. As a state-licensed master's level social worker, he was fascinated by this topic. The conversation related to Fausto's professional work and to his personal life as well. The purpose of this function, highlighted on the flyer for the event, was to raise "awareness about the dehumanization of all undocumented and immigrant communities." Two of the speakers were fellow social workers and another panelist was an immigration attorney and activist. The panel engaged with the audience in a dialogue about immigration policies, struggles, injustices, advocacy efforts, and a multitude of stories that highlighted the horrors faced by so many people; both abroad and domestically. The folks on the panel and in the audience represented a wide array of academic and practice approaches. While this was going on, Fausto was painting alongside the speakers, finding that the conversation was being channeled into what he was rendering. Fausto chose to focus on a visual representation of collective action; one empowered by activism and protest in the name of immigrant rights and human rights. It was an honor to be a part of this event, and we extend our gratitude to all of the good people at Columbia University's Latinx Caucus and School of Social Work. A true inspiration.