Lost Breed's Tribute To Guru & Gang Starr

Important times in our lives can often be compared to chapters, or even turning points on the proverbial road on which we travel. For the time that we have been participating in the Collage NYC Live Art Movement, the live art tribute to Guru (Keith Edward Elam, 7/17/61 - 4/19/10) of Gangstarr is an especially important event for us. The first time that Lost Breed Culture painted live at Collage NYC was for the tribute to Guru in April of 2014, which was a portrait of Guru (Below) painted by Fausto Manuel Ramos. Two years later, we reminisce about how this was a notable turning point for us, as it was when we took on the added roles of live art event painters. We have had many great times with the creative community and vibe at Collage NYC's live art events, often having the chance to create artistic renditions of musicians and artists that we respect. For this week's tribute to Guru, we felt that it was crucial to honor him, as Guru and his music have always inspired us. Thinking about the power of how time can often loop back around to reveal the chapters in our lives, this is one that we will always remember. Join us tonight as we pay homage to Guru, a genius who will always remain with us.